• iMatcha® Ceremony (100g)

    Introducing iMatcha® Ceremony

    iMatcha® Ceremony uses the finest, first harvest hand picked tencha tea leaves from Uji, Japan. This special region accounts for only 3% of Japanese total green tea production, yet was recognized as the cradle of Japanese green tea. Almost all natives in Japan know about Uji as a luxury tea production region specifically for matcha.


    This particular tea plantation started in 1858 and our tea grower being the 6th generation, was one of the first pioneer in organic farming in Japan and began complete organic cultivation throughout the area as early as 1972. Situated next to Lake Biwa, it is not surprising that the finest matcha from Japan all came from this region due to it’s geological location, misty climate, pristine water, and fertile soil. This exceptional grade matcha was once served during a ceremony where both the emperor and empress of Japan both enjoyed in 1999. We called this special extraordinary grade our ceremonial + grade.


    Unlike most modern green tea powder process, iMatcha® Ceremony uses cold stone milled process that has been traditionally used for centuries. With yields less than 500 grams a day, cold stone milled process is a slow and expensive method but produces super fine powder that aren’t subject to heat or other treatment like modern machine milled method that might interfere with the color, aroma, and flavor.


    Check out our recipes! We highly recommend the Matcha Banana Smoothie!


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